Monday, April 22, 2013

Skittle Storm

Title got your attention, yes?, I was working on a poli-social rant for today, got sidetracked, and now I figure I'll tell you why.

No Skittles to see hear. Move along. (Source.)

My older sister is planning a rare visit to Oklahoma next month, specifically to hang out with my partner and I. And somehow, she managed to pick the dates out of the blue that would put her up here for not one, not two, but three major events.

Kicking things off, my commencement for my Associates degree is on day two of her visit. I found out the dates coincided a little while back, but it was easily three weeks after she told me when she was coming.

Day three is our local Gay Pride Parade, moved back to May these last couple of years because Oklahoma uses summer as an excuse to try and kill us all. Not that it needs an excuse, being Oklahoma, home of tornadoes, earthquakes, brush fires, floods, baseball-sized hail, and ice storms. But I digress.

So my sister will be able to come see me wear a silly robe and even sillier hat while the President of the college hands me a piece of paper that entitles me to get some more college. But it's awesome, nonetheless. She will then also be able to go and watch drunken drag queens stagger about in the heat screaming about love while trucks, floats, and every flavor of queer invades a mile long strip of ground. And for that day, and for days after, it looks like a unicorn puked on that part of OKC.

But, and most exciting, is this: the Love is Love Rally.

Read through it. Take your time. Why yes, there is a mass commitment ceremony at the end of that, isn't there?

So, on that day, with my sister watching and squee-ing from the sidelines, my partner and I will declare our love to a few hundred people, exchange rings, and get giggly all over one another.

Two fantastic elements to this:

The first and foremost is that I get to have a ceremony with my partner of nearly five years, something we've both badly wanted for a long time, but have been putting off due to lack of funds.

The second is that my sister, one of the few members of my blood family that would actually show up to any such ceremony, will not only be there, but had planned for it, in advance, before any of us knew it was even possible.

So, if I haven't managed to churn out a few hundred words of wrath, please excuse me. I'm to busy over here being mushy and pink and whatnot.

Ranting resumes, yet again, on Wednesday.


  1. I hope someone takes pictures! I wish we could go! Love you both! :D

  2. Cause I'm magic that way :)

    Oh and btw..still majorly squee-ing

  3. I love it totally, and i am going as well,, bearing we dont have baby in the middle cuase you know jesse will wanna come. I am so happy for you two,, loves yall so much..