Monday, May 13, 2013

Exhaustion Two Step

For the record, the exhaustion two step consists of aimless shuffling. Almost zombie-like.

If you're not within physical speaking distance of my person, or haven't called me on the phone lately, I've got good news and bad news:

The good news is, I got a job! It is, unfortunately, a minimum wage customer service job. But it's full time and will work around the continuing education I need to justify the time I've spent in college so far. So the "constantly broke" situation will soon ease up.

The bad news is that, being a mostly ethical person, I'm in the process of finishing out my two weeks at my current job. While starting part-time at the new job. And by part time, I mean that I'm working full shifts at the new job whenever I'm not working full shifts at the old job. The upshot of which is that I haven't had a proper day off in seven days straight.

What does this mean and why am I telling you?

Well, my brain is so shut down that I've been trying to write something meaningful for the last few hours, and nothing's kicking out. Hell, I've spent more time editing blatant typos out of this post than I have writing it.

So: I'm working up a humor piece for Wednesday.

Then I have a few days off to recuperate and enjoy the company of my sister, a commitment ceremony with my man, a little tie with my family, and the local Gay Pride celebration.

Ranting will resume next Monday.

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