Monday, October 29, 2012

Clarifying Mud Soup

Hey, kids! So, Uncle Jere has been on a major tear here lately. After that last blog, I noticed the enraged spittle that flew from my face during my manly roars of wrath had more than a touch of foam in it. I've had a mad-on about women's rights abuses, and it shows. This is the part where Uncle Jeremy knows he's going to start crossing the moral event horizon soon, and it's time to step back and take a break from this topic.  So, I'm going to clarify a few things, then move on to different things that piss me off.

First, it seems throughout my ranting that I've strayed into muddy territory. So, to be absolutely clear: I'm pro-life, actually. I'm not a fan of abortion at all. Somewhere, someone's brain just crashed to a halt. I know, because I heard the screech of mental tires. Sorry about that.

Seriously, though. I believe we should step up adoption, and open it up to all fit parents. I believe we should institute a national sexual health education program targeted to young teens and at-risk youth to begin lowering teen pregnancy. 

I believe we should stop making young people ashamed to ask about sex and sex health, because that's how we get little Suzy staring through tears at a pregnancy test after just one night in Billy's F-150 out at Lover's Lane. 

I believe we should get off our high horses and acknowledge this country has a problem with STD's. They can happen to anyone, people, and getting tested and wrapping it up are the best ways to fight back. 

I think we should fight to bring more funding and better programs to the national child services system, and instate global reforms throughout the system to stop children from being taken from good parents, keep them from being given to bad ones, and make their stay in the system a thing of worth instead of the kind of horror that movie and TV heroes rise above in their backstories.

I'd like for parents to take mandatory classes on what is and is not sane parenting, but I'm not sure who I'd trust to teach that.

I believe being a GLBT individual or couple is not a good reason to be disallowed from adopting kids. I think parents with children who are caught with minor possession of controlled substances should be evaluated for rehab and community service programs instead of being tossed in lockup because "hey, drugs."

But I do not believe in abortion, morning after pills, etc. I think in the cosmic gamble, that's the equivalent of handing the dealer a few of your cards back without asking for more and hoping to hell you can win with an incomplete hand. I know several people that might not be here today in other circumstances, and a few who nearly weren't. And every one of them is a great person.

However. I have plumbing that does not include a womb. So it's not my decision. 

That's my point. Abortion can be a heart-wrenching, painful, extremely personal decision and that's not the kind of thing politicians need to be mucking with. It's not my job to tell people what they can and cannot do. It is Congress' job, of course; but they're trying to do what makes them feel good, instead of what's needed to ensure the freedoms and personal rights of those they represent. 

I may not believe in abortion. But it's not my choice. I will never be in a position to make that choice. And at any time that someone says "I believe X is wrong, so I'm taking that option away from you" there's a moment where a conflict needs to be examined.

If the person making the decision isn't affected, something's wrong. If the person making the decision is only making it because of a strong personal belief, something's wrong. And if the person making the decision doesn't care about or recognize harm done in the making of that decision, something's very wrong.

I will fight for the right of others to make the decision that's best for them, and that's all I can do. 

Now then. Enough about women's rights for a bit, children. Am I done with the topic? Not a chance in hell. But after re-reading my last few posts, that moral event horizon is mighty close. And I think I'll stay back here from it, ok?


  1. I don't believe in abortion either, with the exception of rape, when the pregnancy endangers the life of the mother, or the child has severe birth defects and will have an agonizingly terrible life otherwise. I don't believe abortion should be used as a form of birth control and if you get pregnant from an "oopsie" you should either take care of the baby or give it to someone who will. However it's my choice to make for myself and I believe every woman has the right to choose for her self as well. So what does that make me? Pro-life or Pro-choice? I think I'm both honestly. Good blog Jeremy! :)

  2. Nobody likes abortion. I've never met a person who does, anyway. I'm pro-choice because I want abortion to be safe, legal, and rare. If you want abortion to be as rare as possible it's smart to invest in sex education and contraceptive availability. Abortion will never go away, the only logical opinion is to try to reduce the need for it as much as possible through education and programs to help people avoid pregnancy in the first place.